Fast Weekend Project: Succulent Planting

Fast Weekend Project: Succulent Planting

Succulents: a plant we (maybe, hopefully) can’t kill.

When Mike purchased his home back in late May, I told him I would get him some plants. He had expressed interest in an herb garden in the past so I brought him a basil plant. Then that died, so I brought him another. Then another, because the second one died. Just so we’re clear, we’ve gone through 3 basil plants since in 2 months. I refuse to let this latest one die, though it has tried to a few times now. The 3rd time will be the charm.

Mike is excellent at so many things, but it turns out that plant care is not one of them. I do what I can for the basil on the weekend, but I started to think we might need a less challenging plant to ease into a plant care routine. Yesterday I brought a bright green succulent home to re-pot. They usually come in sad plastic pots, and I have a beautiful Farmhouse Pottery planter that has just been waiting for a new friend.

The succulent re-potting process.

Following instructions from Hello Hydrangea, I slipped the plant from its plastic prison and pulled off as much dirt as I could and fluffed out the roots a bit. I put a little gravel at the bottom for drainage, then some potting soil mix. The succulent went next, followed by some more soil, firmly tamped down. Finally, I pressed some more gravel into the top to keep everything in place. I went against all my instincts and did not water it. Hello Hydrangea says to give them a week before watering, but I saw advice elsewhere that said to wait a day or two. I was a little worried about leaving it for a week without water when I wouldn’t be there to monitor it, so this morning I sprinkled some drops onto the gravel. I’m hoping that will be neither too much nor too little.

I gave the succulent a prime location on the kitchen counter by the window where it can get indirect sunlight most of the day. Mike is suspicious of his new green friend’s infrequent need for watering, but I think with time he’ll be thrilled to find that he can keep a plant alive.

Re-potted Succulent
It’s so cute. It reminds me of a little dinosaur, or maybe a Pokemon. I might be playing too much Pokemon Go.

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