Fast Weekend Project: Smitten Kitchen’s Homemade Refrigerator Pickles

Fast Weekend Project: Smitten Kitchen’s Homemade Refrigerator Pickles

I love pickles. You can pickle anything, and I’ll eat it. In high school, I would go to my friend’s house and say “Bess, where are the pickles?” and she would say “You ate all of them the last time you were here”. This happened on more than one occasion. I am not ashamed to admit I will drink the pickle juice, and I don’t drink alcohol, so it’s not even for the purposes of a pickle-back. Actually, I find it to be quite a good remedy for methotrexate hangovers.

I’d never forayed into making my own pickles because I was afraid of poisoning myself with improper canning methods, but then this past weekend I saw a recipe from Smitten Kitchen as I was scrolling through my Facebook news feed, proclaiming that I could make pickles, and it would be easy. So I did, and it was!

I scaled the recipe down slightly because I only had a small jar, which really is a ridiculous reason because Deb lets you know you can make these pickles in any container – even a Ziplock bag. I also couldn’t find Kirby cucumbers, so I used one giant English cucumber which ended up fitting in my 16 oz. jar. I still used 1/2 cup of vinegar and it worked out just fine. I scaled the salt down to 2 tsp. and that felt like enough to me, though I sense you could bump it up to 3 and still be okay. I followed the most basic recipe, but next time I’m definitely putting some dill and garlic in there for extra flavor.

We used them as a topping for some homemade falafel last night. I also ate like 20 of them out of the jar while letting them pickle. I was testing, okay? And they were perfect.

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